We started out our season at the annual Halloween Party for the local early childhood group I belong to. I was attending my 2nd event with CVECA last winter and the president asked if my friend Lori and I would be interested in helping out with parties.  Now Lori and I are the social chairs!  It’s loads of fun, and has helped us meet more people in the area.  This shot is of Brooklyn with one of her school/neighborhood friends, Lola.

Then it was time for our neighborhood trick-or-treating. The Saturday before Halloween, we started with a food truck from a local burger shop and pigged out on that before setting out with our kiddos to grab some loot. Lots of Aunts, Uncles, cousins and Grandparents, including all of ours, came as well. Other than the fact that it was about 38 degrees outside, it was a great time.  After dinner, our Grandmas and Grandpas were nice enough to head back to our house to hand out candy so Ryan and I could take the girls trick-or treating.  Harper made it all the way down our street, but insisted on being strolled all the way to the sidewalk of each house.  Brooklyn slowed down the “princess express”, as we deemed it, with her famous quote, “Princesses with tiaras do NOT run!”

Last, but not least, was Brooklyn’s school party. You can see that Harper had no trouble keeping up with the big girls.  She made her sticker picture, read some books and then did her trick-or-treating too. Costume season was a great success for us and a lot of fun, but I must say it will be nice to move on to a holiday that requires fewer costume changes and accessories.